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The founder of the business Mr. Frank Rogers sadly passed away a few years ago. This page is reproduced from a magazine article written about 25 years ago.

Mr. Frank Rogers

"Stone, which can take millions of years to form, cannot be hastily worked and Frank Rogers, a fourth generation stone-mason believes that patience is one of the most important qualities for his profession, coupled with the ability to see beyond the rough block to the finished product before a single chisel blow is struck."

"You have to look at your bit of stone and see the finished job in your eye"

"Each type of stone lends itself to a different way of being worked. Close-grained granite and the clean lines of slate are well suited to inscription, allowing a sharp incision which stands the test of time. Coarser stone, like sandstone, is better for buildings, giving mellow architecture that is enhanced by natural weathering over the years."

"Frank prefers working in granite, not only for the natural precision it allows him, but also for its variety of colour, texture and finish. At one time, Britain was a prolific source of this uncompromising rock, with famous quarries in Aberdeen and Cornwall, but with these areas almost worked out, today’s granite is imported from Africa, India, Sweden, Norway and Germany."

"Nowadays with so many disposable products, Frank Rogers is one of the few people who can be confident that his work will be admired not only in this lifetime, but for generations to come, perhaps when his own grandchildren are stone-masons."

Ref: No: 14 in a series on "BRITAINS CRAFT HERITAGE"



Mr. Frank Rogers