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Market Drayton Cemetery

Market Drayton Cemetery is managed by Market Drayton Town Council. For your convenience the cemetery rules and regulations surrounding stone memorials have been reproduced below.

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Cemetery Rules and Regulations

  1. The Burial Ground is divided into consecrated and unconsecrated ground defined on the plans of the Burial ground. A Chapel is provided, if required.
  2. Arrangements for interments must be made with the Sexton. Applications will be taken in order of receipt and normally it will be possible for a funeral to take place two days after notification except where the weekend intervenes. Where more than one application is received every endeavour will be made to meet the applicant’s wishes, but this cannot be guaranteed, and is contingent upon additional labour being available.
  3. Funerals may take place on Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 9.30am and 3.30pm. No interments will be permitted on Saturdays, Sundays, Good Fridays or Christmas days except by permission of the Town Council.
  4. No second interment can be considered unless a double grave is purchased.
  5. Subject to these regulations the exclusive right of burial in a grave may be purchased at the time of the first interment together if required with similar rights in the next adjoining grave. No purchases in advance of the first interment are permitted. No purchaser of such right shall convey, assign or transfer such rights without the sanction of the Town Council having been first obtained. Any person having purchased the right may be interred therein himself, or shall be at liberty to inter therein husband, wife, partner, father, mother, brother, sister or child who may die out of the town of the Town Council on payment of the same fees as would have been payable on the interment of a person dying within the town. The fees, payments and sums agreed by the Town Council apply where the person to be interred or in respect of whom the right is granted is, or within six months before his/her death was, an inhabitant or parishioner of the parish of Market Drayton, or was an inhabitant or parishioner of the parish of Market Drayton immediately prior to entering a hospital, hospice, nursing home or other care institution outside the parish of Market Drayton, or, in the case of a still-born child, where the parents (or one of them) are, or at the time of the interment were such inhabitants or parishioners. In all other cases the fees payable and the sums will be doubled.
  6. In cases of dispute the Town Council will have absolute discretion.
  7. No unwalled unpurchased grave shall be re-opened for another interment within two years after the burial of a person therein unless to bury another member of the same family. Where the exclusive rights of burial in such grave has not been granted such exclusive rights may be purchased at any time provided no other interment has taken place therein. The charge for interment in an unpurchased grave does not include any rights or privilege other than a right of burial in a grave to be selected by the Town Council.
  8. The sites for purchased and unpurchased graves will be determined by the Sexton under the direction of the Town Council
  9. Where it is desired to purchase a grave space the purchaser will, in the case of an immediate interment be permitted to select the division of the Burial Ground in which it is desired to effect the interment, but the individual grave must be the next in rotation in that division.
  10. A standard grave is 6’ 8” x 26”.
  11. All fees due in accordance with the scale laid down must be paid to the Clerk prior to the interment.
  12. The Registrar’s Certificate for disposal or the Coroner’s Order for burial must be handed to the Sexton before the interment.
  13. A written permit must be obtained from the Clerk before bringing into the Burial Ground any memorial, and handed to the Sexton on erection. Only qualified masons shall be allowed to erect memorials, which must be within the laid down limits:
    • (i) Base - Base in this instance means the concrete base slab – 4’ 0” x 1’ 6"
    • (ii) Plinth - No Plinth will exceed 2’ 6” in length and 12” depth and shall be seen to be included as part of the memorial and included in the height restriction. Any vase or ornament can be placed at either side on the base slab, provided the whole does not exceed 3’ 6” in length.
    • (iii) Memorial - The memorial shall not exceed 3’ 0” from the base of the slab to its highest point. The permitted height shall be seen to include the plinth. All other ornaments shall be governed by this height restriction.
    • (iv) Vases - Vases shall not exceed 8” in height and 8” in width.
    • (v) Interment of Ashes - Sections S, V and Na are for the interment of ashes and only flat stones will be permitted in these sections – 24” x 18”.
    • (vi) All headstones must be secured by ground anchors.
  14. Applications for admission of memorials must be made on the form provided by the Town Council and signed by the owner of the grave together with a drawing of the proposed memorial or monument and a copy of all inscriptions must be submitted to the Clerk for approval and filing. NO MEMORIALS will be permitted on unpurchased graves.
  15. No kerbs or footstones will be permitted except where specifically authorised by the Town Council. No kerbs or footstones are permitted in the Lawn section of the old section of the cemetery or on the extension.
  16. All memorials and monuments are to be kept in repair by the owner and if not kept may be repaired or removed by the Town Council at their discretion and the cost recovered from the owner. After two years have elapsed from a burial the Town Council shall be entitles to level and make tidy any neglected graves or grave mounds.
  17. In the constructions and erection of memorials all materials used shall be of the best quality and description, and the foundations and work shall be carried out in accordance with the directions of the Town Council, and all refuse, unused materials and rubbish must be removed forthwith. No memorials shall be constructed of bricks, plaster, wood, bath, can or other soft stone, artificial stone, zinc, iron and other metal. Bell glasses, shells or glass artificial wreaths of any kind will not be allowed.
  18. No vase may be placed on an unpurchased grave other than an uninscribed vase not exceeding 10” in diameter and 8” in height.
  19. Planting of a permanent nature on the grave surface is not permitted. No articles will be allowed on the grassed area away from the plinth. A degree of flexibility will be exercised between the period of burial and the installation of a headstone/plinth up to a maximum of six weeks when most flowers and wreaths will then be past their best. All articles will be restricted to the plinth. No glass articles will be permitted and the Town Council reserve the right to remove any articles it considers inappropriate. Constant white lights will be allowed on the plinth.
  20. The Burial Ground will be open from 9am to sunset.
  21. Coffins of wood and any natural bio-gradable product will be allowed in graves.
  22. Caskets will be permitted in brick graves or vaults only.
  23. The depth of graves shall be subject to the supervision and direction of the Town Council.
  24. All graves shall be dug by a person or persons appointed by the Town Council but vaults and bricked graves shall be dug, made and repaired
    at the expense of the persons requiring the same, but under the superintendence of the Town Council.
  25. No hewing or dressing of stone will be permitted within the Burial Ground and mats, canvas or boards must be used to preserve the grass or turf when erecting monuments; and such other precautions as the Town Council may direct. All monuments when commenced shall be proceeded with from day to day until completed.
  26. The Town Council reserves the right to remove dead flowers and wreaths from graves.
  27. Urns may be interred in ordinary grave spaces on payment of normal burial fees and in the special S, V and Na sections.
  28. No vehicles will be admitted to the Burial Ground except by special consent of the Town Council.
  29. Cycles must be left at the entrance.
  30. Only Aid Dogs are permitted in the Cemetery.
  31. Walking on grass verges, graves and memorial kerbs is strictly prohibited.
  32. No person shall wilfully destroy or injure any building, wall or fence belonging to the Town Council or daub or disfigure and wall thereof, or put up any bill therein, or on any wall thereof, or wilfully destroy, injure or deface any monuments, tablets, inscriptions or gravestones or do any wilful damage, play any game or sport or discharge firearms (except at a Military Funeral) in the Burial Ground or wilfully and unlawfully disturb and persons assembled in the Burial Ground for the purpose of burying and body therein or commit any nuisance within the Burial Ground.

By order of the Town Council as approved at its meeting on 7 th August 2008 and effective forthwith.

Edward Davies PILCM
Town Clerk



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