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The National Association of Memorial Masons is an organisation dedicated to furthering the memorial masonry industry and safeguarding the interests of the bereaved through the promotion of high standards, wide choice and increased understanding in all matters relating to natural stone memorials.

The National Association of Memorial Masons has established a Code of Business Practice to which all members must adhere.

The Association was founded on 12th March 1907 by a few memorial masons anxious to raise standards in the trade. Its original name, the 'National Association of Master Monumental Masons', was shortened in the 1970's to the 'National Association of Master Masons'. Unfortunately this title led to a lack of understanding as to who and what NAMM represented so in 1990 the decision was made to rename it 'National Association of Memorial Masons'.

The outline written Code of Working Practice adopted by NAMM in the 1980's was extensively revised in 1990 and has now been accepted by many burial authorities as the minimum standard to which memorials should be fixed. The Code is kept under close scrutiny and is revised when necessary.

In addition, NAMM has been researching and developing new and better methods of fixings and is urging all the relevant authorities to ensure that masons who fix badly are not allowed to work in their burial grounds.

NAMM has consistently pressed for some kind of regulation of the industry and has encouraged burial authorities to operate "approved lists" of masons - i.e. only the masons on those lists may work in their cemeteries. Unfortunately none of these efforts have proved sufficient to prevent the bad practices so frequently seen. NAMM is therefore currently in the throes of drawing up proposals for a national licensing scheme for memorial masons - on similar lines to the Corgi system for gas fitters.

The National Association of Memorial Masons works very closely with a large number of burial authorities. Its Code of Working Practice is now adopted by many which means that memorials are being fixed better than may have happened previously and are therefore less likely to become unstable or unsightly.

It is accepted by the National Association of Memorial Masons that the bereaved are frequently very vulnerable and that anyone dealing with them has special responsibilities.


Code Of Ethics

The following are the standards of trading which members of the Association are required to observe:

  • A member shall do all in his power to uphold and maintain the dignity of the Craft.
  • He shall abide by the Association's Codes of Good Business and any other Codes which may be in force.
  • He shall abide by any findings of the Association's Conciliation & Arbitration Service relevant to him.
  • He shall on all occasions discourage the pestering of the bereaved, including the soliciting of orders in burial grounds.
  • He shall never attempt to persuade a customer to cancel an order when once placed with a competitor.
  • He shall at all times endeavour to foster friendly relations with and mutually assist other members in all matters concerning the interest of the Craft.
  • To never knowingly conduct themselves in such a manner as to prejudice their own professional standing or that of any other member of the Association.

Because a memorial is a lasting monument and a tribute to a person's life, perhaps a final gift to someone dearly loved, it is important to choose it carefully. The National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) has produced a Memorial Specifications Guide available here to help you choose a memorial.