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Winsford is a town and civil parish within the unitary authority of Cheshire West and Chester.

Wharton Cemetery

Wharton Cemetery, Crook Lane, Winsford, CW7 3DR

As Wharton has a church in its grounds it is open all year round.

Christ Church, Wharton is a parish church in the diocese of Chester, the archdeaconry of Chester and the deanery of Middlewich.

For convenience the rules surrounding stone memorials on West Cheshire council cemeteries has been reproduced on this page. For a full list of rules and regulations please see the West Cheshire council's own website.

Chester & West Cheshire Council Cemetery & Crematoria Rules for Wharton Cemetery - November 2010

Rule 33: Memorial Masons registration scheme

The Council operates a Memorial Masons Registration Scheme. No Memorial Mason will be permitted to carry out work within the Cemeteries unless they are registered in the scheme.

Rule 34: Maximum permissible memorial sizes

All new memorials including all concrete foundations and plinths must not exceed the following maximum sizes:

Traditional and Lawned areas

  • Headstone
    • Height 4'
    • Width 3'
    • Depth of base 2'

Traditional areas

  • Kerb length 6'6" & width 3'

Traditional and lawned cremated remains burial areas

  • Headstone N/A
  • Tablet 12"
  • Vase One plus tablet or two if no tablet.

Note: The vases must be constructed of stone, ceramic or metal. No glass vases are permitted.

Rule 35: Memorial installation within lawned areas

Within the lawned areas only the Council provides rows of concrete plinths to allow for the immediate installation of a headstone. The graves are in rows back to back. Each grave space is entitled to 407mm (maximum) on the plinth for the installation of a memorial. It is an absolute requirement that the back edge of the memorial base is positioned 407mm from the edge of the plinth measured from the head of the grave. It must be recognised that all of the above requirements must be conformed to. The Council will recall the Memorial Mason to rectify any works as necessary.

Rule 37: Approval of memorials for private grave spaces

Memorials are only allowed on privately purchased graves.

All memorials are subject to Council approval prior to being installed within the Cemeteries. These Regulations contain the required standard of the installation of the memorial and the maximum permissible sizes of memorials that can be authorised. All memorial work undertaken must be in accordance with the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) Code of Working Practice. All applications should be made to the Council on the appropriate memorial application form that the Council provides. The application should indicate to the Council full details on how the memorial is to be installed, including the method of fixing used to secure the memorial to the foundation base. Each application must include a detailed drawing showing all dimension sizes, the type of material to be used and full inscription details.

All memorial applications will incur a memorial fee, payable to the Council.

Memorials are not allowed on public grave spaces. Persons wishing to commemorate the memory of a loved one buried within a public grave space do have the option of considering other memorial schemes such as the Book of Remembrance.

Rule 38: Memorial permit conditions

The Memorial Mason will receive a permit notice allowing for him to carry out the work.



Christ Church, Wharton